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Falguni Thakkar:  
Award-Winning Director of Photography (DP) and Digital Colorist 
Creating Impactful Slice-Of-Life Stories Across the US 

As a filmmaker, Falguni Thakkar feels inclined and passionate towards making films that are based on agents that affect the normal fabric of human society.
“. . . I want to put together character driven film narratives that engage audiences on journeys exploring and tackling important social justice issues.”

She successfully and artistically applied her inclinations and talent to her award winning short film You Use, You Lose, for which she was the Director of Photography and Digital Colorist.

“You Use, You Lose
is a story based on drug abuse. Its an effort to make media that leaves a lasting positive impact in the world. I fully committed myself to the project. The limitations forced me into making interesting decisions and think creatively to shoot effectively. It involved not only writing and directing, investing my own money but I had the pleasure of being the Director of Photography."

Falguni Thakkar
On Set

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Falguni Thakkar is available for interview, 
contact: Steve Thompson

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