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Bob Cafaro

Bob Cafaro has been a cellist with the Philadelphia Orchestra since 1985. 

In early 1999, Bob was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Six months later he was nearly blind, unable to use his hands, and he was told he would be on permanent disability. 

Refusing to accept his prognosis, Bob set out to cure himself of the disease. He has since continued his career as a cellist with the Philadelphia Orchestra. 

Today he is in perfect health and shows no signs of MS. 

In his new book, When the Music Stopped, Bob shares the knowledge he gained from extensive research, personal life experiences, and studying people who have accomplished the impossible.

A signed copy can be ordered at Bob's website.


About his amazing journey, Bob notes: 
"Medicine and neurology may be limited in treating MS, but you are not."

Experience Bob's Presentation Live
and Hear Him Play His Cello
At Barnes & Noble, Cherry Hill

Wednesday December 6, from 5:00pm to 7:00pm.

One-on-One Consulting

Bob has had success working with MS patients on a one-to-one basis. Learn what Bob did to reverse his own severe case of MS with diet, hydration, mindset, exercise and meditation. People very often rely on only their medication, but much more is required to fight MS. At a personalized consultation session, Bob will help you plan a personalized diet to begin healing and rebuilding cells. You will also be guided through a meditation program tailored to your specific needs, and Bob will recommend an exercise program to get started.

Click Here to Contact Bob Directly

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Bob's Recent Media Appearances

Bob Cafaro's Website

Bob Cafaro is available for interview, 
contact: Steve Thompson

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