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Sebastian Faure’s Journey from Fine Art to Film Acting


Appearing in David Fincher’s Mank

It is Sebastian's belief that the art of acting is a never-ending search in finding the essence of a character. A quest to understand human behavior and push away judgment. It's a search for truth in understanding social psychology in the various circumstances of life.

As Sebastian puts it, "it's not about the start or the finish line, it's about the journey... of discovery, of learning, of growing, and of interacting with others.” In his perspective, acting is an exaggerated imitation of life and life’s purpose is to remain dynamic, to keep moving forward, to take chances through the process of learning and getting out of your comfort zone. The moment you start getting too comfortable with your habits, you are as good as dead as you have lost track of your purpose. We can draw this parallel with acting; a character in any story holds no presence if he has no purpose, no objective.”

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Sebastian Faure On His Thoughts, Heart, and Passion Behind His Acting

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