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Production companies HASIII Inc. and Peter Anthony
announce that principal photography
of Hybrids, has completed in Ave Maria, Florida.

Photo by Cameron Doane /
Cameron Doane Photography

Paul Sorvino as The Count, with
Tony Randel

The film stars Paul Sorvino, Carolyn Hennesey, with Philip Willingham,
Charles Noland, Anne Leighton, Lauren Lakis, Leanne Agimon,
Mojean Aria, Rawle Lewis, Tatanka Means, Chris DeChristopher,

and Naples’ own Chuck Ardezzone.

Production Company - Peter Anthony Entertainment
Directed by Tony Randel
Written by Collier County resident Tony Schweikle
Produced by Tony Schweikle & Peter Wooley
Filmed at the community of Ave Maria
Second Unit filming at Roscigno Italy
Crew, equipment and most of the cast are Florida residents.

Download Press Release on the
completion of principal photography of Hybrids

Hybrids Production Stills

Screenwriter / Producer Tony Schweikle

Producer Peter Wooley

Peter Wooley is the author of
What! and Give Up Show Business?
A View from the Trenches

Peter Wooley's Production Diary
on ReapMediazine

Peter Wooley on the day he met Katherine Hepburn

Paul Sorvino: 'The Count' in Hybrids
is a Role he has Always Wanted to Play

Carolyn Hennesy on the Hybrids set
talks about her role as Aradia,
working with Paul Sorvino,
and the entire Hybrids crew

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Selected Set Dressings Now Available

Contact Bill Roye Auctions for More Information

Screenwriter / Producer Tony Schweikle,
and Producer Peter Wooley,
and cast members are available for interview
by appointment pending scheduling availability.


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