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Archstone Gives Cannes Buyers First Look
at Chris Klein's WWI Action / Adventure
"Out of the Burning Blue"

Out of the Burning Blue starring Chris Klein, Victoria Summer,
and Werner Daehn
is the story of an American pilot,
flying for the French under the British Allied Forces in WW1,
who is sent to the desolate heart of the Arabian Desert
on a mission to recover a downed German pilot
and the top-secret information he is carrying.

Accompanying him is an inexperienced English nurse
who is also a German translator, unaccustomed to the
harsh arid environment.

In their efforts to recover the valuable information,
all three are thrust into a tangle of lies and deception,
setting in motion a deadly game of survival,
where only one will live to tell the tale.

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Out of the Burning Blue


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